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PUG — Protective Utility Gear Inc. – Handgun Holster Mount & Accessories

At PUG, we are all about solving problems. Two problems to be exact:

When we are not wearing our handguns.…we were always looking for the right place to keep them in the vehicle, at work, or anywhere else. We wanted a secure place (no, cup holders don’t qualify as secure), and at the same time accessible (digging it out from between seats and dodging french fries is not accessible). We kept it simple. Our mount goes anywhere, and is the most secure yet accessible way to keep your gun when it’s not on you.

The other problem…needing multiple holsters. When you use a PUG holster mount, there is no need to have a separate holster to mount or secure your handgun, you simply attach your everyday carry holster with clip to PUG mount then grab and go, it’s that easy. You will always know where your weapon is at all times and it will always be ready!!


There is no other holster/accessory mount that is more secure, yet simple—period. And with a PUG Holster Mount, you will have a little money left over to buy some ammo!

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